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“Given the following terms please draw a logical diagram/hierarchy on the board as you see fit. Dog, Cat, Woof, Animal, Fifi, Run”

“Given two arrays find all the points of intersection between the (i.e. equal elements) and return them in an array.”

“Explain how you would design and implement a asking algorithm using Java.”

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“You have a program with something or component that fails 1 week before launch. What do you do?”

“How would you extend Array in JavaScript so that it could add all the values stored in an array?”

“Why are you interested in working for Baker Hughes as a field engineer?”

“There are 9 identical looking balls, but one ball is slightly heavier than the others. If you have one scale, what is the least number of measurements one would need to identify for sure, which ball...”

“Estimate the number of spark plugs in the state of California.”

“2 mile road.. car completes first mile at 30mph. What speed the car should drive the second mile to end up with an average speed of 60 mph?”

“how would you trouble shoot a slow download of content on a Kindle device?”

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