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Jan 27, 2013

Interview Question for Anonymous at WorkForce Software:

“Intricate algorithm questions, and then expectation of implementation on the fly”

Jan 1, 2013

Interview Question for Anonymous at Guidewire:

“Without any prior warning, the second technical writer to interview me attempted to give me a test of my technical knowledge. The first question asked was related to programming. I am not a…”

Dec 19, 2012

Interview Question for Account Manager at NWN Corporation:

“No difficult questions, like I said they use the same basic questions every sales company has been using for the past 10 years. "tell me a time when you had to convince a group of people that your…”

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Oct 13, 2012

Interview Question for Anonymous at

“Given a set of strings, find the equivalence classes of permuted strings. This threw me for a loop because it's been a while since I have done string manipulations.”

Oct 9, 2012

Interview Question for Merchandising Training Program at Dick's Sporting Goods:

“"Besides a school group project, when was a time that you went above and beyond in a group setting?"”

Sep 30, 2012

Interview Question for Consultant at Matrix Resources:

“I was asked what integrity meant to me. This was the first time I have been asked this question.”

Sep 20, 2012

Interview Question for Software Engineer at Google:

“N pots, each with some number of gold coins, are arranged in a line. You are playing a game against another player. You take turns picking a pot of gold. You may pick a pot from either end of the…”

Sep 11, 2012

Interview Question for Anonymous at Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission:

“There were agency-specific questions about federal & state rules/regulations, how past experience qualifies you for the current job application (i.e. communication, organization, program knowledge…”

Sep 6, 2012

Interview Question for Anonymous at FDM Group:

“Explain the differences between an abstract class and an interface in Java.”

Sep 5, 2012

Interview Question for Anonymous at AmeriPlan:

“we sell health benefit programs”