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“Write a function in Javascript that takes Roman numerals (in String form) and convert it to decimal form. Assume the string is well-formed.”

“What is the output from this code (assume int is 32 bit)

int f(int n)
    return n * f(n-1);


“given a number, how do you determine if its a power of 3?”

“Given an array of 0's and 1's, and a number k, find the minimum window that contains k 0's. Write code.”

“How would you check if a binary tree is balanced? Write a program to implement your algorithm.”

“How would you find bugs in a very large program. This is one of the few questions I wasn't able to answer to my satisfaction at least, since I hadn't worked with large programs and were still…”

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“Case study-create an application for a service scheduling company. Can use pseudocode, programming language, etc.”

“Write a procedure in C that reverses the letters of a null-terminated string. Then write another procedure in C that reverses the words of a null-terminated sentence.”

“Write a function that takes in a list of numbers and returns the number of even numbers in the list.”

“Questions on Semaphore, Mutex and C programming based on a scenario.”

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