Project Analyst Interview Questions

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“Technical interview was completely based on knowledge of excel!”

“How would you figure out how many balls could fit in a 747
Give a business presentation based on a case study and 15 mins of prep”

“Not difficult, just weird: "If you couldn't get your car to start, what would you do 1st?"”

“Have you ever had to deliver bad news”

“Why do you want to leave your current company?”

“Tell me about yourself”

“How did you handle yourself in a difficult situation?”

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“There was a question concerning a previous position on my resume. The interviewer asked why did I accept a position that was beneath me.”

“Why would you be a good person to hire”

“The job requires a rare combination of technical and communication skills. You must be willing to act as a Technical Analyst before being a Project Manager. Are you willing to do that”

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