Project Developer Interview Questions

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“No difficult questions, just canned / situational questions w/ Hiring Mgr and (2) Directors of low caliber, expertise and no vision.”

“Why would you like to work for us?”

“they asked a lot of questions to determine fit, like favorite tv shows.”

“How do you resolve conflicts?”

“Bob finds a need for a change. He finds a solution he loves. He proposes the solution to his team for feedback. Some people love it and some people hate it.
Why did some love it?
Why did some hate…”

“Tell me a time when a co worker did something wrong or perhaps you did not get along with them and how did you handle / resolve it?”

“Am I familiar with coaching leaders?”

“The number of mistakes and errors in their presentation. Be prepared for either externally sourced exams (as they are not competent to do it themselves) or there to be multiple, multiple levels of…”

“What makes you believe your qualified for the position?”

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