Project Leader Interview Questions

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“What do you like to work on? (see the Answer for why this was a "difficult" question)”

“How would you handle a user who is inflexable and refuses to consiser other solutions to a problem?”

“Tell me about your experience leading a team of people and you can't get anyone on the team to do what you want them to do?”

“This is funny. Absolutely no typical or relevant questions were asked, but I was insulted and shocked when asked at the end, "So have you ever managed a project before?" Really?!”

“How will the Practice Leader develop a strategic plan for implementing a GIS business line?”

“The most difficult question for me was the one when they ask you when you had a conflict with someone in the work environment how did you deal with that. The thing, is that I did not have experience…”

“How would you describe your weakness?”

“Why should we hire you?”

“There are lifetime situations.”

“How to make company profitable? (unexpected)”

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