Project management Interview Questions

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“What is SDLC”

“How long would it take for you to....?”

“There were no unexpected questions since I was considered an expert in helping organizations with enterprise-wide organizational changes. However, I received questions surrounding dealing with…”

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“7. Tell us about your experience in managing business architecture related projects and initiatives and how this can contribute to our position”

“Why do I want to leave my current position. I must sound positive, but it's hard when you don't care for your boss.”

IT Manager at PETA

Jul 18, 2011

“Have you ever had a project that failed?”

“How would I manage an SAP implementation?”

“Do you have any construction experience? (Note: There was no mention of this requirement in the job posting.)”

“You are the group leader and you're working with three other team members to come to a decision on a problem. You hold the responsibility for the solution, and have one idea about how to approach…”

“They asked about the complexity of schedules that I have managed in the past, to include line items, dependencies and resource loading.”

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