Project Manager/Senior Project Manager Interview Questions

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“Interviewing for a project manager position, I was asked if I knew how to query a database.”

“Most difficult were opened ended questions on a hypothetical problem.
You are given a situation - i.e. let's imagining there is no friction - what will happen to a this case (a structure was…”

“Take a sample report dashboard, and pretend to present it to sr management.”

“Explain the entire TCP handshake
Most of the questions have to do with the basic working of the internet and browsers..”

“Describe your overall qualifications.”

“How did you handle periods of stress and limited resources with the expectation for timely and high quality deliverables?”

“"Why should the organization hire you?" This is not an uncommon question, but it's important to be able to speak to your key discriminators.”

“Describe a situation where you overcame a stumbling block.”

“To describe a situation where I had difficulty working with a co-worker.”

“how much i want to make”

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