Project Team Interview Questions

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“The emailed me a list of about 12 very detailed questions, which I had to respond to. The questions ranged from integrity questions to work habits and personal information.”

“Nothing that difficult”

“nothing about it was difficult the interview felt as if i were sitting in my living room chatting with an old pal thats how relaxed and great they werei was expecting to be nervous but as soon as i…”

“I can't even answer this question because the questions posed were general and basic to the job. Retail is retail. Just irritates me that he said the interview went well but he couldn't get back to…”

“This ended up being a cattle-call interview, so the questions were not difficult or unexpected.”

“How do you deal with difficult customers?”

“Knew the interview before walking into it.”

“Describe a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer?”

“Do you have a problem with scheduling?”

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