Psychologist Interview Questions

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“Baseball or Bat, which one are you?”

“None seemed difficult or unexpected.”

“Baseball or bat, which one are you?”

“What would I do if an assistant didn't want to follow directions”

“I don't recall that there were any difficult or unexpected questions.”

“Fully describe what's involved in a mental health assessment”

“Discussing specific details regarding the job. I applied for a different job than one he felt I may be more qualified for, one which was not yet posted. therefore I was unable to speak to speak to…”

“What sets you apart from the other candidates? Are you comfortable working independently? What type of patient do you find to be the most challenging?”

“How would your best friend describe you in 3 words? how would you describe yourself?”

“Compare and contrast two cognitive and two social emotional assessment measures, giving pros and cons for each.”

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