Public Health Interview Questions

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“unsure...a question was What are the two nutrition related medical problems associated with children 1-5 in WIC?”

“If you were doing an inspection for window guards in an apartment and 2 children under the age of 10 answer the door what would you do?”

“What type of conflict have you been in, how deal you dealt with it, how was it resolve?”

“I really don't remember much of the interview. I don't remember being asked any really difficult or unexpected questions. I think I was asked if I had any knowledge of State and/or Federal rules...”

“How do you feel about giving birth control to minors or young children.”

“Biggest strength?”

“Have you had experience utilizing NVivo or qualitative analysis software? Have you conducted interviews?”

“How do you manage your time with tight deadlines? Name a time you had a conflict with a co-worker or supervisor and how was it resolved? How does this position fit your future plans and goals?”

“How will you deal with the stress of cultural challenges and the difficulty of the Peace Corps lifestyle?”

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