Purchasing Intern Interview Questions

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“Why did you choose your major?”

“What are your weaknesses, and name a situation in which they hindered you?”

“Was there ever a time in which you worked with a group and felt overwhelmed, how did it turn out?”

“Why SWA. Why this position. Which was the class that you liked most. Which class you like least. What is your experience with SAP. Talk about experience in previous jobs. Ask extracurricular…”

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“No difficult questions asked”

“Tell me about a time when...
What is the difference between logistics and supply chain management?”

“Do you know how to do a pivot table?”

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“How do you feel about telling your manager you may not be able to finish some of the projects you would be working on?”

“Describe a time when played a large role in a decision you made. How did you make the decision?”

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