QA Analyst Interview Questions

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“Scenario: You have 8 golf balls and 1 is heavier than the 7 others. All you have is a balance used in chemistry classes. What is the shortest number of times you could measure the golf balls to find...”

“I really can’t remember many of the questions I was asked throughout the interviews but I was given “homework” to complete and have emailed back that evening after the interview...”

“How do you measure 4 gallons with only a 5 gallon and a 3 gallon bucket?”

“Scenario: If you were running late for a job interview and you had no lights on in your apartment. Let's say you went into your dresser drawer and had to pull out one pair of socks. All you had was...”

“You have eight golf balls with one slightly heavier than the rest and one leveling scale. What is the least number of times you can use the scale to figure out the heavier ball.”

“They are all riddles/ brain teasers”

“How would you QA the projector? What is some of your weaknesses, strengths, etc. typical interview questions.”

“Name a situation where you were a apart of team and you went above and beyond to help your teammate, and what was the outcome.”

“There is none except for if you know anything about the medical industry or medical transplantation (pretty much the same level as the CEO, he was a lawyer and reality TV show star "Chains of Love").”

“3 reasons which make you perfect for this role?”

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