QA Automation Engineer Interview Questions

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“Describe details about the details of a previous software development project.”

“(Show you and application) This is a new feature in our next release, how would you test it?”

“The real time debugging was a little off putting but they provided hints so it was Okay. I was a problem with the way that their download link was being generated by their JavaScript.”

“Implement functions that will return the nth number from the Fibonacci sequence. Implement both iterative and recursive solutions.”

“What would the person closest to you say that they would change about you?”

“Basic background question”

“How do you handle the difficulties of Ajax in a web application?”

“Please go up to the white board and write an example of a SQL query that uses an intersection and a union.”

“You are a very straight-forward type of person, do people seem to be intimidated by you?”

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