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“Given a dictionary, with all possible anagrams of a word, how would you test it out and what is the Data Structure that you will use to construct it with Design of the same.”

QA Engineer at Yahoo

Apr 15, 2011

“What are virtual constructors in C++ ?”

“Add two numbers in 2 operations”

“how to test a toaster?”

“Reverse a string”

“There were a couple of "physics" like questions. How would you measure the total distance of roads in a city, etc...”

QA Engineer at Adobe

Apr 11, 2012

“How much do you know our product?”

“the second step was to write a function that would detect if a sorted array contains two integer that sum up to 7. And then improve your code so that the array is accessed with only one iteration.”

“how to find the closest 2 number in an array of unique positive number”

“Sample questions concerning Java or SQL.”

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