Quality Assurance Interview Questions

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“Describe a time when you were faced with a task that was difficult for you to complete without assistance? What did you do? What was the outcome?”

“"Go to cnn.com and describe the weather in Seattle, WA."”

“How would you deal with issues between you and your coworker and how did you resolve it?”

“They asked me to talk a little about my experience in the armed forces.”

“Describe a project I had in school and what were my roles in the group”

“Did I ever have to deal with the changing of plans during a project?”

“Tell us about yourself!”

“Something similar to: You have 7 baskets and 15 eggs. How many ways can you put the eggs in the baskets? Eggs must be grouped in odd numbers.”

“How would you define fraud?”

“Have you had experience in auditing for H.A.C.C.P.? <Interviewer mis-pronounced>”

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