Quality Assurance Manager Interview Questions

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“Are you willing to relocate?”

“They asked me to describe what information I would include in a defect ticket. While this is not exactly a difficult question for me, as I am a seasoned software tester, I just wasn't expecting it.”

“None - they had no scripted questions - completely free form”

“The Technical skills mentioned on the resume were thoroughly asked upon. More focus on the technical knowledge of the resource rather than the previous work experience/industry.”

“Mainly process and situations recovering schedule.”

“Explain the outcome of one of your recent six Sigma projects.”

“Fortunately, I held a position internally and knew everyone on the interview panel. I was prepared for the interview and had researched the state and local system, worked in it and had solid...”

“Is there any reason you can think of that someone would be hesitant to hire you here?”

“You got fired from your job 7 years ago, tell me what happened?”

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