Quality Assurance Specialist Interview Questions

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“Unexpected questions:
What is w3c?
What is cascading style sheet?”

“If you were in the bathroom and an employee told you she was trying to get a group of employees together to rally behind another employee that she felt was unfairly disciplined what would you do?”

“There were no difficult of unexpected questions.”

“Dave asks questions about how other people would describe you; your weaknesses, strengths, etc.
He expects you to respond quickly and directly because he wants to keep it very brief, which can make…”

“Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”

“What is the percentage difference between two numbers?”

“Again, because we already worked together, there were no difficult questions. I was very much at ease.”

“What are people’s greatest misconception about you?”

“Tell me a negative quality that your employer would say that you possess.”

“Tell me about a time you challenged the status quo and lost.”

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