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“You are in a dark room with no light . You need matching socks for your interview and you have 19 grey socks ans 25 black socks. What are the chances you will get a matching pair?”

“I really can’t remember many of the questions I was asked throughout the interviews but I was given “homework” to complete and have emailed back that evening after the interview…”

“How do you measure 4 gallons with only a 5 gallon and a 3 gallon bucket?”

“Reverse a string”

“Unexpected questions:
What is w3c?
What is cascading style sheet?”

“3 person in a room, try to figure out a way to find out their average salaries without knowing others' salaries.”

“Most Unexpected Question:
- Can you work well with others?
Then interviewer followed up with an explanation on why it was important for an employee to be able to do so for that job.”

“No difficult questions, Torchmark just wants to find anyone willing to contact potential customers and finish out applications. Informed me that most contacts might be hostile.”

“How many days a year is acceptable amount of work to miss?”

“Describe a difficult situation you were in and how you handled it.”

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