Quality Control Interview Questions

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“Where did you see yourself in 5 years”

“They ask a lot of questions about experiences. For instance, tell me a time when.... I had one where they said to tell them of a time where I had to utilize my troubleshooting skills but did not get...”

“What was the hardest order to give an employee”

“What is the difference between accuracy and precision?”

“Need to provide direction and suggestions without telling the director how to run the business”

“Are you able to commute this distance to work every day, as this department does not let you work from home?”

“How would my skills help the company”

“They asked about my interest in the position since my resume isn't devoted to that line of work.”

“What is your scope or aim ? What are you looking to achieve at Yanagawa?”

“Probably the most difficult question any interviewer would ask..."why should we hire you for this position"”

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