Quality Control Interview Questions

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“The most unexpected thing was if i wanted the job i had to be in certain city within 48 hours.”

“They asked for an example of a time when someone you were working with was not pulling their weight. How did you react and was the issue resolved?”

“The surprise math test.”

“Is it ok to break the rules?”

“Pretty standard STAR interview questions. (situation/task/action/response)”

“Situational questions (in which you've never been in the situation) are very difficult to answer. Aka: how would you react this issue or this issue happening at the same time.”

“How do you feel your involvement with the business club in college will help you propel forward with this company?”

“What are the biggest risks you see facing the current CFG contracts.”

“Give a specific example of how you motivate people to do something that they don't want to do.”

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