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“Give an array of Integer which contain duplicate number from 1-100, how to count how many distinct number you have?”

“How to reverse a String? How to deal with it if the input string is null?”

“Interview questions: recursion, probability”

“The brain teaser: what is the last digit of 2007 power 2007”

“There are 4 people going through a bridge. One takes 5-min, one takes 1-min, one takes 2-min, and one takes 10-min. And only two people can go through once. Question: what is the shortest time that...”

“They were looking for a skill set that I had in college, but not one that I had used in industry. The question was "Have you ever modeled a process via simulation? If so, what software platform did...”

“What is my personality type and what kind of people do I find difficult to work with?”

“Reverse a string”

“You are designing a diving board and it bends too easily. What design changes would you make to fix the problem?”

“Using a normal justice scale (google for image), what's the minimum number of weighings required to find the heaviest of 9 different balls?”

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