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“They want extensive information for how you performed on your past jobs”

“3 person in a room, try to figure out a way to find out their average salaries without knowing others' salaries.”

“A very hard brain teaser that requires creativity. You don't necessarily have to get the right answer, but you have to come up with some intelligent ways of tackling the problem. Don't be afraid to…”

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“With the staff quality engineers: What statistics would you use in a given situation (they through out a couple of situations and wanted to know how I would approach identifying and addressing the…”

“All interviewers: tell me how you handled a situation where you had to prove that your method was better than someone else's.”

“Normal questions for engineers - Give an example when X happened and what you did to overcome”

“If someone is being unsafe what would you do?”

“Questions about your background.”

“Phone interview: reverse an array, and write test cases for it.

1. How to test twitter posting?
2. Programming test 2 methods: reverse a string and compare 2 strings. Write test cases…”

“Do you think overhead costs associated with Receiving Inspection can be reduced?”

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