Quality Interview Questions

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“Describe a time when you were faced with a task that was difficult for you to complete without assistance? What did you do? What was the outcome?”

“So, tell me about yourself....?”

“Describe a project I had in school and what were my roles in the group”

“Did I ever have to deal with the changing of plans during a project?”

“Tell us about yourself!”

“Something similar to: You have 7 baskets and 15 eggs. How many ways can you put the eggs in the baskets? Eggs must be grouped in odd numbers.”

“How would you define fraud?”

“What would I do if I saw a ramp agent spitting on the tarmac in view of the public?”

“One question was to ask me if I had any dogs. They are huge fan of dogs.”

“The interviewer knew nothing about Quality or Quality Management I was asked if I knew about Inspection equipment.”

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