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“What do you know about the company?”

“Tell me five things you are not.”

“Tell me one situation where you had to make a spit second decision in a manufacturing plant”

“Questions were not difficult. I would say the most unexpected question NOT asked was about the specific domain that I was being interviewed for.”

“What is the strongest point about your self”

“Brain Buster question: 25 white balls, 25 black balls, and a person blind folded. Have to put the balls in the buckets. How can we arrange the balls in the buckets to increase the chance that the…”

“I was told I was asking for a salary band that was outside the offer scale - what salary would I accept if offered the posisition. (this put me in a spot) I was not asking for more - just to meet my…”

“What is your biggest mistake you made at work”

“Tell me about a time you had to give candid (possibly not positive) feedback, how did you approach it?”

“No technical questions, simple questions like "What would your former boss say about you?"”

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