Quality Manager Interview Questions

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“The hiring manager asked the same question 3 different time. "Explain the process you used for root cause analysis."”

“can you please to me how you can conduct a FEMA on a chemical process? this was a wise crack attempt to embarrass me by the so called director of quality.
it didnt work.”

“What would you do if your upper management does not agree with your assessment? or data that is presented to them?”

“How do you feel about your current manager losing her job?”

“Why did you get into Quality?”

“What was your solid oral dose experience?”

“What is your management style?”

“Not really a lot of questions. Was told a little about the job and that I would be training for several weeks (Which was a Real Joke) before I would be turned loose to do the job on my own.”

“The HR questions were so irrelevant, "if someone came into work with a drug problem, how would you handle it?" It was apparent this facility is more interested in disciplinarians and babysitters than…”

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