Quality Supervisor Interview Questions

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“The interview was very laid back.”

“They wanted specific examples, which for me was difficult since I'm very tight lipped about other people's privacy. Even leaving out names in the scenarios made me feel as if I was breaching that...”

“Was very easy questions. People were friendly. However, they let technicians and chemists interview their would-be supervisor/boss, which was surprising and unique but very effective, nonetheless.”

“1. What was a time when you were required to enforce a company policy that you didn't agree with? 2. Give an example of when you had to show empathy toward one of your employees. 3. Has there ever...”

“I asked," would there be any reason you could see that I would be unable to fulfill the requirements of this job?"”

“Issues you've had with prior supervisors or managers and how you've dealt with them.”

“Situational questions (in which you've never been in the situation) are very difficult to answer. Aka: how would you react this issue or this issue happening at the same time.”

“Tell me about a time when you had to confront an employee whose work did not meet standards.”

“Describe the most complex problem you've faced, and your approach to the problem.”

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