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Quant at Jane Street

Apr 1, 2012

“2) Alice and Bob play baseball for two periods. Can Alice have a better batting average than Bob in the first period but Bob have a better batting average overall?”

“what causes volatility smile?”

“write down a function to search for a number in given sorted array”

“Gram–Schmidt process for vectors.”

“Assume you are the owner of a small grocery store next to a university where they have a weekly sports game. You want to design a method for your soda selling's inventory. Very open questoin...”

“does 0 correlation imply independence? give an example”

“CS questions... 1)what is incorrect in the following code (they already have something written on board) 2)what do you think the design of the following code (this is a different code than above...”

“What do you think will happen in Greece?”

“black scholes modification for american call”

“Math question about estimating trading costs.”

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