Quantitative Analyst Interview Questions

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“You have 2 decks of cards (each deck contains both red and black cards). One deck has twice the number of cards in the other deck with the same color ration (so one deck has 52 cards and the other...”

“The price of a stock is $10 now. It has .6 prob. increasing to 12 and .4 prob. going down to 8. Interest rate is 0. What's the value of a call option with strike $10?”

“how many combinations that have at least one five from zero to 1000”

“What is the probability of breaking a stick into 3 pieces and forming a triangle?”

“From (0,0,0) to (3,3,3) in 3D space how many paths are there if we move only right, forward or up?”

“2. In an urn you have red and blue balls (same number of balls in each of the two colors). You extract 3 balls what is the probability that the number of balls you have extracted is odd. Now you...”

“If 3 of my friends have phone numbers ending (last four digits) in some permutation of 0,1,4, and 9 and I have 150 friends, then is that just a chance occurance?”

“66 handshakes occur at a party how many people at a party if everyone shakes hands with everyone else.”

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“What is the probability of a Brownian motion hit 1 before hitting -2. The Brownian motion starts at 0.”

“You call the home of a family w/ two children and a kid "billy" answers the phone. What is the probability that both children are boys? What is a virtual constructor in C++?”

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