Quantitative Analyst Interview Questions

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“In 3-dim graph, how many paths to go from (0,0,0) to (3,3,3)”

“A line in front of movie theater, a free ticket is to given to the first person whose birthday is the same as someone who has already bought a ticket. You choose the position in this line, which…”

“3. There are 30 blue and 30 red balls and two urns. You play a game. Your opponent has the right to arrange the balls in the two urns as he pleases, without telling you what he did. You then must…”

“Burn two ropes, one needs 60 minus, another needs 30. How to get 45 minus time.”

“What is the expected value of tosses to get 3 heads in a row?”

“What are the independent and dependent variables in your model? What are the underlying assumptions of the model? What did your research indicate should be the expected parameter estimates for your…”

“Would you prefer to have new products through innovation or focus on your current main products? Please provide me some examples from your prior experiences to answer this question.”

“what is k means clustering”

“walk me through your resume.”

“Was asked to interpret their SAS code.”

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