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“3) Poker. 26 red, 26 black. Take one every time, you can choose to guess whether it’s red. You have only one chance. If you are right, you get 1 dollar. What’s the strategy? And what’s the expected…”

“2) A. 10 ropes, each one has one red end and one blue end. Each time, take out a red and a blue end, make them together. Repeat 10 times. The expectation of the number of loops.

B. 10 ropes, no…”

“A tosses n+1 coins. B tosses n coins. B wins if he has at least as many heads as A. What is the probability that B wins?”

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“1) Tow coins, P(head)=1/3, P(tail)=2/3, design a way to get the effect of fair coin”

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“If X, Y and Z are three random variables such that X and Y have a correlation of 0.9, and Y and Z have correlation of 0.8, what are the minimum and maximum correlation that X and Z can have?”

“5 babies in a room, 2 boys and 3 girls. one baby with unknown sex is added. Randomly choose one baby and the result is a boy. What's the prob that the added baby is a boy?”

“You play a game with someone, the rule is to take turns to put a quarter on a round table ( can be any size, but must be of symmetrical shape). You are trying to cover the table up with quarters, you…”

“How to generate a gaussian distribution with rand()”

“Interesting question:
From a deck of 52 cards pick 26 at random. From this set of 26 you pick two cards. You win if the both of these cards are of the same color. Is this a game you would prefer…”

“I wasn't expecting any brain teaser questions.”

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