Radio interview questions

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“What do you like most about nick?”

“How much would you like to make.”

“No hard questions.. Just defend your experience and convince them that you would fit into their workflow (if you think you do!)..”

“How much business can you bring in 30 days and close.”

“The person hired was going to be resposnible for redsigning all of their web sites. I was shown numerous examples of the current web look and feel and asked what I would do to improve each one, as...”

“Tell me about a difficult developer you have worked with.”

“Using a 9,000-line json file, get some math value for each child-property, then show it in a sortable table.”

“Will you be able to promise to make at least 50 prospecting phone calls a day?”

“Do you know about what this position entails? What were your previous positions? Are you organized? Can you multitask? After they explain the position they ask if it sounds like something that...”

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