Radiologic Technologist Interview Questions

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“When was a situtation in which your morals were compromised?”

“How much experience did I have”

“Name 3 of your best qualities.”

“Where do you see yourself in ten years time in this company? This is a difficult question to me because of un-expected circumstances, meaning if a superior job offer arises in five years I may be...”

“For me it was them telling me to do something, rather then asking me.”

“Describe an area where I had a conflict with a co worker and how did I handle it.”

“No question was difficult as long as you are a competent technologist.”

“Tell me little bit more about yourself What made you apply for this position?”

“No surprises! They just wanted to know about my work experience's!!”

“What is one thing about being a radiologic technologist that you don't like?”

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