Rather Not Say Interview Questions

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“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

“They wanted to call my current boss for reference”

“It was not one of your everyday interview session. Was ask one behavioral question that I think every employer probably ask but the other questions was out of the box which I liked.”

“You are often asked to rate your own skill level in key areas”

“What I would do to help with a training problem.”

“Not really any difficult or any unexpected questions, but I did meet with a LOT of people. The final count was either 8 or 9. C'mon. A bit much, perhaps?”

“there was none as the mgr was unprofessional and did not interview me.”

“Overall process was not difficult as the interviews were typical, but what was most difficult was the hours that it took to meet with so many people.”

“I could definitely tell that some of the people that interviewed me never worked any place other than their company and had no idea how business outside of their company processed.”

“We discussed my resume and skill set, the reasons I wanted to work for that company and in that exact job. I wouldn't say it was difficult for anything more than all of the time that was involved in…”

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