RD Engineer Interview Questions

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“Given a linked list, write a function that will print the list in reverse.”

“Given a point a, a distance d, and a large set of points, write a program that efficiently finds all of the points in the set that are less than the distance d from point a. A point consists of an…”

“What is the biggest challenge in your research?”

“What is your expected starting salary.”

“You're mountain biking down a trail and you see a horse and have to stop. Say you slow from 25-5 mph...how much power are you putting into the brakes?”

“1. A behavior question from HR manager, "How can you handle the disagreement raised from your audiences when you are presenting your works on stage?"
2. A technical question from department…”

“Simple short interview maybe due to my experience. We just talked about my experience.”

“How to detect a loop in a linked list?”

“whats your approach if someone comes to you with a novel material that needs to be processed.”

“Questions weren't bad. Maybe how to find the middle node of a linked list in one pass through?”

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