RD Engineer Interview Questions

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“Given a linked list, write a function that will print the list in reverse.”

“Given a point a, a distance d, and a large set of points, write a program that efficiently finds all of the points in the set that are less than the distance d from point a. A point consists of an...”

“What is the biggest challenge in your research?”

“They basically looked over my resume during the interview and quizzed me on it.”

“Various software design questions which describe projects worked on and how the pieces fit together.”

“What is your expected starting salary.”

“Technical interview involved testing coding knowledge on buffers, queues, and dealing with efficiency and complexity in software design.”

“Describe a difficult project you work on with others. Were there any difficult decisions or disagreements?”

“You're mountain biking down a trail and you see a horse and have to stop. Say you slow from 25-5 mph...how much power are you putting into the brakes?”

“1. A behavior question from HR manager, "How can you handle the disagreement raised from your audiences when you are presenting your works on stage?" 2. A technical question from department...”

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