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Reader Meter at Nicor

Jul 29, 2013

“The questions are very straight forward. The HR guy compared me to his son, which I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing...”

“do you have knowledge of the area”

“As I recall, one of the things they asked me was what kinds of work didn't I like to do. Then they just told me about their proof reading requirements and various testing steps.”

“The hardest question I had to answer is , "Why would I want such a low paid position when I am close to graduating with a Master's Degree.”

“What color was my hair”

Meter Reader at LESCO

Jul 21, 2012

“why do i want to work with Lesco?”

X-ray Reader at Alcoa

Mar 6, 2015

“What type of parts did you x-ray in the Texas facility?”

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