Real Estate Analyst Interview Questions

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“Almost all questions were related to resume or experience with some fit questions too.”

“What are the lines in a hotel operating profit and loss statement.”

“Why are you applying for the debt side instead of equity side.”

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“What is the amortizing loan constant for a 6% 30-year mortgage on a $50 million dollar loan?”

“How do you behave when you leader a group of people in your work?”

“Would IRR be higher for a property generating high cash flow, or one generating nothing at all?”

“Lot's of fit questions. HFF is built on organic growth so there is a a close examination of all candidates personalities. Questions consisted of inquires about adversity, weaknesses, career...”

“Describe what steps you would take to determine what site "x" should be developed into.”

“Give your assessment of the present condition of the commercial real estate market (regional or national - you pick) or capital markets in general as well as where you see them going over the...”

“Why did you go to the school you went to, as opposed to another university a half hour away?”

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