Real Estate interview questions

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“When a closing statement was made by a prospect what would i say next?”

“Tell me about yourself that's not on this resume.”

“What makes you think you'd be a good fit.”

“Tell me about a time when you really felt like you couldve done something better or differently but you didnt.”

“He did ask me do I think I can handle a heavy workload. BTW this was only my first interview with them. Not sure if he will call back or not but I will keep you updated if I were to get the job...”

“What books have you read lately?”

Manager at Grosvenor

Jan 19, 2010

“You will have to work with a few individuals here who can be difficult. How do you get the information you need from them if they are not cooperating?”

“why would I apply for a legal position when I had no legal experience?”

“Broad questions and wanting specific details of how a major competitor functioned.”

“"Why do you want to join this company and specifically this location?”

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