Receptionist Interview Questions

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“Why do companies need very qualified receptions? I said to answer phones well and represent the company. .”

“Where do you see yourself in five years from now?”

“Not applicable.”

“how would you deal with an irritated guest”

“can you type, answer phone,can you be on time, are you friendly, dress professional,”

“The interview process was the new typical interview with most companies. They ask "situation questions" such as "Name a time...." , "How did you handle ______?", "What was the result?" The entire...”

“can you handle fast paced, multitask and difficult customers?”

“Your make-up. It's so dark.”

“Your hair is so dark black ever thought of going a few shades lighter?”

“You're such a beautiful woman and have everything we are looking for but we can't get over this darkness you have about you. Almost like an Elvira thing going on. We wonder what the president of our...”

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