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“I was asked what salary that I would accept and I named a figure that was in line with bay area positions. Bay area positions for medical records start at $20 an hour and average $25 an hour.”

“Why did you choose Grand Rounds to apply to?”

“"Have you ever spent any time in jail for any period, for any reason?"”

“What was the worst thing to happen to you in the workplace.”

“The questions were easy. What is a legal hold? Why should you get the job? Tell us a strength and tell us a weakness. Instead of a one on one interview they surprised me with a panel interview. The…”

“Is it ok to break the rules?”

“Why do you want to work here?”

“I think the first question was the most difficult. "Tell us about yourself and your goals". It doesn't seem like a totally tough question, however, when you first walk into the room and sit down that…”

“Original salary offered was not enough to make me move for the job. I had to say no a few times before enough money was offered to get me to leave the competitor & go work for Shaw.”

“It is difficult to convince the firms how much many they will make from your services. This is despite how many years of reliable data go into your business income projections.”

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