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“Who are competitors of Netflix?”

“Is your husband ok with you taking this role?”

“Easy questions. Looking for a personality fit, and someone that assures them they don't mind making 50+ phone calls a day.”

“what experience have I had in similar field”

“what would I have to offer to this position”

Recruiter at Coinstar

Oct 31, 2013

“We've gone through a lot of recruiters. Why would you want to work here?”

“"Whats the strangest position you ever had that you ended up being successful at/loving?" Have to say that the questions were put to me very honestly and I did'nt feel "tricked" or led on in any...”

“How many Vice-Presidents can you name?”

“descibe your experience with talking to people.”

“Tell me about a time you were dissapointed in your performance.”

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