Recruitment/Human Resources Interview Questions

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“What questions do YOU have for us?”

“Who are competitors of Netflix?”

“If you could do anything in the world, what would it be and why?”

“Tell me about your analytical skills? I don't know why I sort of froze on this, but I feel I am a awful interviewer. I have a lot of talent and ambition but like a test I freeze at an interview.”

“Would you be available to work week-ends? Are there any plans you currently have to take time off ?”

“Most unexpected: asking for my high school & college GPA during the interview, and my SAT score on the job application.”

“Give me an example of the volume of candidates you've recruited.”

“What makes you feel that you'd be a good fit for this position?”

“Have we scared you away yet?”

“What would you consider an area where you need to improve?”

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