Recruitment Manager Interview Questions

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“They were all questions that I was prepared to answer.”

“They are always changing... nothing that a prospective candidate with experience in the given field should be unprepared to answer.”

“Have you ever worked with outsourcing agencies in India?”

“Lacking specific around metric on purpose:
It says here on your resume that you increased (your metric) by (x %). I find that hard to believe. Can you expand on how you made this possible? What…”

“Do you find that you work better in a team or individual environment and would you consider yourself a competitive person?”

“Describe your soft skills and those which need improvement”

“Would I recruit affiliates.”

“Easiest interview ever”

“"What was my greatest achievement to date." I gave a recent business example. Like with most interviews I realized I had a much better one after the interview. The other question that became…”

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