Referral Interview Questions

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“If your coworker was not completing his or her job will you report them ????”

“Describe to me the SDLC?”

“why do you looking another job?”

“Expereince as related to the position”

“Google basic interview questions for a general idea, be prepared for multiple questions in relation to prior work experience, use of technical programs or understanding of Medicaid Managed Care.”

“Can you tell me what the difference between Physical therapy and Occupational therapy?”

“The position was for the Hospice of Cincinnati. Question: Do you know what is involved here?”

“Do you feel you have the experience for this position.”

“1. Do I have experience in the medical field? 2. What did I enjoy/dislike about my last job? 3. Why do I think I would be successful? 4. Do I speak spanish?”

“I cant really remember one, it was a new experience, but I had done similar work, and being professional and patient and resourceful is key to this job.”

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