Regional Marketing Manager Interview Questions

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“After almost two decades of being a Realtor, nothing asked during the interview was difficult to answer. I was not impressed with the company, it is an obvious attempt to hijack the work of the...”

“The interview itself was not too stressful and was mostly conversational based on my industry experience and their goals for this team.”

“Why do you want to do this job? What appeals to you?”

“I was given powerpoint slides only - no notes - and had to use the information on it to create a 30 minute presentation with a 15 minute Q&A. The questions were staged and I felt I fielded them well...”

“If hired, you may encounter sales people who do not stand behind the product and are negative about it. How would you go about convincing them that the product line has changed and get them on board...”

“If given the job, how would you organize your time and travel to effectively acheive the expectations we would have.”

“The person who hired me is not manager any more.”

“What have you contributed to your last position.”

“I wasn't asked any really difficult or unexpected questions.”

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