Registered Nurse Interview Questions

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“What are some of your qualities as a Nurse, how are you perceived in your profession?”

“Name one time you wish you would've handled a situation differently.....what was the outcome of that situation. (In order to imply that your career has been slipshod and you messed up your previous...”

“Well one of the group nurses asked if I had any children.”

“Name a situation that you handled well?”

“What did you like least about Signature Health Care. I was there for a while explaining that one!”

“How do you feel about working with difficult patients with chronic disease?”

“A committee you were on that dealt with change the included the doctors not jumping on board right away? How did you get the team work together and if not how did you report it and if you did report...”

“Very easy and no difficult questions. Strictly about nursing and type of patients they serviced.”

RN at AZ Home Care

Oct 8, 2013

“What do you think about our values?”

“What makes you feel you are most qualified for this job over others? There was a fine balance in not coming across as being too confident, exuding, or boisterous versus, having the qualifications and...”

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