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“How much do you earn?”

“How would you cover the Internet”

“How much are you willing to travel?”

“nothing unusual, and the test was cake”

“The questions were more about your personality, whether or not you'll fit in with the culture and the people than about your technical skills. I think the most difficult one was "what for is the...”

“They dive into whatever you talk about and get very technical very quickly. Lots of topical questions for the region I was interviewing. Ex: How has the ECB easing of monetary policy affected...”

“The two technical questions that I was asked was: "What is the difference between an inner and an outer JOIN"? "Explain what is a view" which I forgot since I had not worked on SQL code in over a...”

“Why dont you have your CPA?”

“What do you want to do in five years?”

“Strengths,Weakness,Past work Ex,Resume Overview”

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