Requirements Analyst Interview Questions

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“How would you deal with an emotional confrontation, that has fermented across generational & cultural lines?”

“Tell us about yourself.”

“behavioural interviews - what if situation questions, how did you turn around the bad situation with the co-worker, what did you learn, what would ou change”

“Very straight forward interview questions, just had to listen to team lead waffle on about all the things that were being done wrong be people who did not agree with him or like his program.”

“What would I do on your first day supporting a client and they made you feel stupid.”

“Describe how you would react to dishonesty.”

“Nothing is difficult if you use the STAR approach and have relevant scenarios and experiences. Talk about your accomplishments. Know how client facing positions work, less technical is emphasized”

“"Tell me about a time when you were dishonest, or lacked integrity."”

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