Research Analyst Interview Questions

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“None. Unexpected would be would you be wiling to come in and start work THIS FRIDAY?

(Interview was Wednesday.)”

“Technical questions were difficult and very industry specific, they had an element of future job tasks that a successful candidate would perform and resembled a case study interview with the Oil and…”

“Talk about unconventional wisdom and why wrong?”

“You have 1000 randomly sampled data points. The goal is to try to build a regression model with one response variable from k regressor variables. Which is better?
1. (Bayesian Regression) Using the…”

“Have you ever not found info on something you were researching?”

“What are some research areas that you think can be improved?”

“Do you believe a tuxedo rental shop would be a attractive business opportunity?”

“Please describe your investment thesis for your stock.”

“Questions regarding research methodologies.”

“What research have you done?”

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