Research Analyst Interview Questions

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“How will you fit into the MTV culture? What is your experience with media?”

“Why would we hire you over other candidates?”

“What is an experience that you are most proud of?”

“The phone interview went in depth into past research. Be prepared to discuss it.”

“I am worried about your lack of experience. Do you have what it takes to succeed in market research?”

“You are given an array of integers, A1, A2, ..., An, including negatives and positives, and another integer S. Now we need to find three different integers in the array, whose sum is closest to the…”

“I expected this question and did parpare for it, but I still think it's the hardest among all other questions. "Can you tell me a little about yourself?"”

“Nothing unexpected. Would have appreciated some thoughtful questions.”

“Why do you want to come and work at OSU”

“When will yoiu go bavk for a master's degree”

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