Research Analyst Interview Questions

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“Suppose there is a series of 100 light bulbs labeled 1 through 100 that all start in the off position. Person 1 walks in the room and turns on every light bulb. Person 2 walks in the room and flips...”

“Name your strengths and weaknesses”

“How do your interests and background relate to the PI's?”

“Tell me about your research”

“None is unexpected, just general questions.”

“How would you value a machine that popped out $1 each year? How much would you buy it off me for? How much would different types of investors bid for it?”

“They were mostly just interested in past experience”

“What is the biggest risk you've ever taken?”

“3. Compare and contrast ROA, ROE, and ROIC. Which one is most informative and why? Use an example to illustrate your position. Tricky since lots can be said on this matter.”

“Prove that the inter-arrival time of a Poisson process is exponentially distributed”

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