Research and Development Engineer Interview Questions

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“How would you handle an issue /problem in your work that you do not know the answer to?”

“Asked me how I would determine the power needed from a pump to pump water through a closed loop system.”

“Describe your research to me”

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“Tell me a scenario that you encountered difficulties and how are you going about solving the problem”

“Binary search in rotated sorted array. (on-campus question)”

“The technical question was fine, but they really want good solutions with lots of thought, not just the obvious. Interview questions varied between standard tricky algorithm questions, and super open…”

“If you make it to the BHE, you will not be able to prepare for any specific question more than I have given you in the review, just be on your toes and keep your cool and you should do fine.”

“1) Describe a challenging task that you had to accomplish? And how did you accomplish it?
2) Tell us about a skill that you did not have and the process you went through to acquire them…”

“1) A scenario where you had to focus on attention to detail
2) An example of working in a group
3) Hostility with a coworker and how you resolved it?
4) Any experience with putting in place safety…”

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