Research Assistant Interview Questions

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“If there were some potato chips on the floor and in my hand which potato chips would you choose to eat?”

“How well you have done in other courses ?”

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

“What is your favorite organ of the body and why?”

“Are you really okay with doing repetitive work?”

“Why are you interested in conducting research at USUHS.”

“I had listed a climate law course on my resume. The course focused on the Kyoto Protocol and post-Kyoto negotiations. I was asked to place climate change mitigation strategies along a curve…”

“I do not recall that any question was either difficult or unexpected. Perhaps a question about my own assessment of what personality trait would be most helpful in coping with the work environment.”

“How do you handle a difficult customer?”

“Reasons for interest in policy issues. (difficult because they all have such depth of experience, that answering this question is really difficult to not sound naive)”

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